15 November 2010

New jets and clean carb

With the help of my good friends John and Steve, we took out my carburetor this weekend and installed a new jet, drilled out the slide and cleaned everything up. I also installed the KTM Racing Airbox Cover which is a stainless steel plate with a mesh opening. It allows better airflow to the engine replacing the stock cover which completely seals the left side cover of the airbox.

The carb looked in very good shape when we got it apart. Very clean and no real wear on the moving parts. I replaced the stock 142 jet with a 160 and drilled out the two outer holes in the slide, just slightly bigger than stock.

Once the bike was back to together, the power difference was immediately noticeable. Smoother at low speed riding and a great surge up to 7000 rpm. A real improvement to the bike. 

I couldn't have done any of this without the help of John and Steve. Especially the parts donation from John. Thanks to both of them.

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