14 June 2011


There's no real order to these photos, but these are some random shots from Sunday. My best day yet of riding in Texas.

I rode miles and miles of trails and abandoned roads, about 30 miles east of Austin. In the course of the day, I dodged a large dead deer carcass going about 65 on the highway, I rode about a half mile of train track to get to the river and shook every bone in my body on the railroad ties.

I raced up and down rutted dirt roads, slashing through the overgrowth and navigating washed out crossings. I did hill climbs and picked my way through fallen trees. And finally I came across a riding area with trails that were dirt and sand, with hill climbs and twisty turns that eclipsed my skill level. I took more photos of the trails than I actually rode, but it's great to have a place to return to and conquer when my confidence level is higher. The photos flatten out the steepness of the climbs, but there were several that I will think twice about before riding up.

(You can click and enlarge any photo)

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