14 March 2011

no luck

Apparently clutch cables are not something that motorcycle shops keep in stock.

I waited nervously as 8:30am Monday approached so I could begin to call the very very few shops open on a Monday. At 8:31 I called Racetrack Powersports, a full-service dealer of KTMs, Hondas and other brands.

When they answered, they told me clutch cables are an order item and they only had one in stock. A short one for a sports bike. I was placing all my hopes in Powersports and it was a crushing blow that they didn't have what I needed.

The only other option was Jerry's Motorcycle repair, which was recommended by Powersports. They usually aren't in on Mondays, but Powersports said they were today. I called, they aren't answering....

So as of now, I am stuck until tomorrow. Delivery is scheduled for before 10am, but we'll see.

This is killing me.

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