13 March 2011

update / summary

At about 2pm Saturday, as I was riding through Panama City, Fl, I pulled in my clutch lever and the cable snapped right where it connects to the lever. An uncommon but not unheard of failure.

I quickly pulled over and was conveniently next to a large parking lot. I was on my way to meet my co-worked and friend John Hunt, who lives in Destin, Fl, about 55 miles away from where I was. I called John and he immediately left to come get me.

In the meantime, I called around to find a replacement cable. After many calls, I found one in stock in Georgia. The problem was it was late Saturday and no one could ship until Monday, so I wouldn't receive until Tuesday at the soonest. I ordered the cable for Tuesday AM delivery.

I then set about trying to figure out a way to get the clutch working so I could get the bike to somewhere safe. I managed to get some Vice Grips to secure the cable to the lever and tested riding the bike around the parking lot. Success! I could probably ride the bike to safety.

When John arrived, I had him follow me and I rode the 55 miles to his house in Destin, only having to use the clutch 4 times the entire ride. I shifted with care without the clutch, only using it at stop lights.

Today, Sunday, most motorcycle shops are closed. I am going to try to track down a cable from another bike or another manufacturer that might fit the bike. That way I could be on my way Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday afternoon.

Wish me luck....

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